На русском Româna


Apartment №8, 19/1 str. Cuza Voda

Prices & conditions

650 mdl/per day

Sleeps: 2+1

Discount at 5 days.

The payment in EUR|MDL|USD

Contacts (rus, eng, rom):

+373 69369885




Our hotel-type apartments in Chisinau fully correspond to the hotel service. Moreover, there is a kitchen, a balcony and other advantages, which are not available for standart rooms. We also provide all accounting documents to both individuals and legal entities, and we can work by bank transfer. The apartments have the function of contactless check-in and check-out like in a hotel - at any convenient time for the guest. The apartments are equipped with new furniture, modern appliances, hygiene items, dishes, climate control, autonomous hot water, cable TV and high-speed Wi-Fi. The most important thing is high standards of cleanliness. The apartment is situated on the intersection of the streets Independentey and Cuza-Voda, near GreenHills supermarket and "S Uliti Roz" theater. Also nearby there are the Terramed, Repromed medical centers, Agroindbank and Moldindconbank, cafes and restaurants. The apartment is on the 5th floor of a nine-storey building. There is an elevator.